The national chamber of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken"
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ZODEL commercial web-site was opened in Kazakhstan

21 August 2017 - City of Almaty
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Entrepreneurs were told about the possibilities of expanding the geography of supplies

The Almaty business was presented with a new B2B platform, which operates in all countries of the Great Silk Road (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Oman, Lebanon, Syria, China, India), and more recently in Russia.

The trading platform will make it easy to find a suitable product or service, establish direct contact with the manufacturer, supplier or buyer, enter into wholesale transactions, minimize operating costs through the online ordering system.

 "Zoodel has a multilingual online store, offers market research and trade statistics, marketing, promotion, identity verification and verification services, secure payments through ZoodPay, delivery services. Among the additional services of the company are export credit insurance to protect against losses on non-payment of debt obligations, access to a number of state and commercial tenders", - CEO of Zardel Sardor Mukhamedaliyev said during the presentation.

As the director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs in Almaty Yuri Tleumuratov noted, Kazakhstan's entry into the international online trading system is a landmark event. Despite the worsening of the indicators of world trade turnover in recent years, there is a positive trend in our republic - the growth of trade turnover by 84% (mainly due to the manufacturing industry).

"There is a positive trend regarding the promotion of Kazakhstani products for export. This year alone, the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty issued 1016 certificates of origin of goods to 35 exporting enterprises for a total of more than 30 billion tenge. Most of them are manufacturers of food and pharmaceutical industries. Chamber of Commerce is engaged in the promotion of products on the world market at NCE "Atameken", a subsidiary organization that provides a wide range of services for exporters. In addition, I want to note that consultations on foreign economic activity can be obtained at the Centers for Servicing Entrepreneurs at RCE of Almaty", - Yury Tleumuratov said.

Regional director of JSC NC "Kazakhinvest" Arsen Nasyrkhanov added that export support can also be obtained in his organization.

"We provide service support, as well as reimburse costs: up to 50% of exporter's expenses for opening a branch, representative office or warehouse abroad, for registration of a trademark, advertising (TV, billboards, stands)", - Arsen Nasyrkhanov told export producers.

As a result of the presentation, the ceremony of signing the Memorandum on cooperation of Zoodel online platform with the Association of Light Industry Enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Association of Food Enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held.

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