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Kazakhstani products are expected on the shelves of India

24 July 2017 - City of Almaty
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Representatives of the Indian Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry invite Kazakh entrepreneurs to their market

Kazakhstani manufacturers will certainly find their niche in the Indian market. Assistant Secretary-General of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry Kunal Chowdhury is sure of this. Guests came to Almaty to invite Kazakh entrepreneurs to expand cooperation.

"The Indian market is huge. To meet its needs, Kazakh entrepreneurs can participate in various exhibitions. In September, we hold an annual food fair. Special interest is paid to agricultural products. We can talk with the organizers about giving discounts to participants from Kazakhstan", - Kunal Chowdhury said.

According to the guest, there are a number of directions in business, the development of which is actively supported by the Indian government. It often covers the cost of foreign partners during business forums and exhibitions. Guests invited Kazakh entrepreneurs to the largest healthcare exhibition. It will be held in October this year with the participation of the Prime Minister of India. The event will bring together representatives of all related industries: clinics, associations, pharmaceutical companies and so on.

Director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty Yuri Tleumuratov at a meeting with foreign guests expressed the opinion that participation in such kind of exhibitions should involve not only businessmen from Almaty, but also from other regions. Especially those who are engaged in the production of food.

"According to the regional business development map in Almaty, one of the niches is the pharmaceutical industry. In the Alatau district there is an industrial zone, where we invite Indian investors to cooperate. Moreover, India is successfully developing this sphere. Projects on wool processing would be interesting. Everyone knows how the textile industry is actively developing in your country", - Yury Tleumuratov said.

Kazakhstan today is India's main partner in terms of trade in Central Asia. Moreover, our country exports more than it buys. Priority areas - energy, information and communication technologies, transport, space and military-technical cooperation.

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