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China awaits supplies of Kazakh koumiss and shubat

17 July 2017 - City of Almaty
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Develop logistics, create more cross-border cooperation centers, such as Khorgos, to invest more in joint projects. Entrepreneurs from Heilongjiang Province (Eastern China) came to Almaty with such proposals. Agriculture is very developed in this area, as well as the manufacturing industry, tourism is actively developing. The province of Heilongjiang is proud to be an extractor of 135 kinds of minerals. Black and non-ferrous metals are exported to Japan, Russia, South Korea. Now Chinese entrepreneurs intend to expand cooperation with Kazakhstan.

"We are confident that businessmen of our countries have many points of contact. Agro-complex is very developed in our province. Especially the "green" products. We can work on these projects together. Heilongjiang Province is a great place to travel. Here you can practice both summer and winter sports. We know that Almaty is also a very attractive city for tourism, therefore we propose to develop a strategy of internal and external tourism", - Deputy Chairman of Heilongjiang Province, Mr. Du Jing Ming said.

According to the guest, the Chinese side is interested in the supplies of Kazakh koumiss, shubat and wheat. "The basis of Almaty economy is small and medium business. It employs more than half of the economically active population of our city. Almaty is a city of high investment attractiveness. Economically, the specialization of the city is based on the provision of trade, financial, educational, transport-logistical, tourist and other types of services. The city acts as an independent player in the world market. Kazakhstan and China are implementing more than 50 projects in the field of production capacity for more than 24 billion USD. We are ready to render all possible assistance for the further development of business partnership between our countries, "- Yerlan Stambekov, chairman of the Regional Council of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty said. He also noted that currently there are 297 joint ventures and 1,411 Chinese enterprises in the city.

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