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Secrets of creating world brands were discussed in Almaty

11 October 2017 - City of Almaty
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During French day Almaty businessmen learnt how the companies with a world name are created The French day meeting took place at the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty. Via online conference mode, Francisco Garrido Alonso, deputy director of the world's most famous laundry company, described how the Pressto franchise was created. The history of a simple dry cleaners, which developed into a world-class brand, began in 1994 in Madrid.

Today Pressto has three million customers in 24 countries on five continents of the globe.

"Pressto is one of the world's most successful franchises. Out of 538 dry cleaners only 59 are owned. The company is able to adapt to different market conditions and constantly examines the needs of customers. People want to trust their clothes to professionals who can clean it neatly and treat things with care. Innovations are continuously being introduced into our work. But the main thing is the attitude towards clients. We do our best to expand the circle of dedicated consumers of our services. The loyalty system is active. Depending on the amount of orders, customers get points and bonuses. It means that a person will necessarily return to us",  -Francisco Garrido Alonso told.

He noted that their brand can’t even be compared closely with a conventional laundry. Pressto is a dry cleaning boutique. Starting from the design of the room, to the widest range of services.

"Our customers can wash or clean almost any clothes, bags or interior items. If in other similar companies the process of work is hidden from prying eyes, everything is open in our company. People can observe the cleaning process. We are always open to customers, even if they have financial difficulties. Cleaning services for clothes can be used on credit, or to wash things yourself, so it will be cheaper. The staff of the laundry will always help and prompt you what you need to do", - the speaker of the meeting said.

Francisco Garrido Alonso told about other additional services of his company. If the client's things need repair, we can sew or restore them right in the laundry. Having registered on the company's website, the customer can not only order a call at home, but also follow the cycle of work. He receives notices when things have been sent for cleaning, or transferred to the transportation section. Clothing from expensive materials, for example, from fur, customers can be deposited for dry cleaning in the season. And these things will be kept in the conditions necessary for them.


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