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Kostanay people brought elite meat to Almaty

11 October 2017 - City of Almaty
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The Fair of Local Producers of Kazakhstan was held in the busy place of the city. The International Trade Network "METRO" with the support of NCE RK "Atameken" organized a local manufacturer's fair in Almaty. The exhibition was attended by entrepreneurs in the food, light industry, agriculture. This format for business is, first of all, an interactive platform for establishing new mutually beneficial relations.

Among the other companies at the fair, meat producers from Kostanay region, which is famous for its pastures and fertile lands, stood out. They brought in Almaty an elite cut in the form of steaks, fillet, minced meat. "The Terra company is one of the units of the agricultural holding, which in its chain grows feeds, processes, produces them, then uses them for fattening animals and ultimately we have grain-fed beef. Today, our fattening site contains 8,000 heads at a time.

At the moment, the feedlot area is 80-90% full and contains 6,000 heads. The playground itself operates on the principle of roulette: some animals drop out for meat, others immediately replenish. In a year the fattening platform makes about 3-4 cycles, that is, about 24 thousand heads pass through the site per year. On the average, 1 caw at the output has a live mass of 400 kg, 200 kg of meat. We are confident in the quality of the products and try our best to satisfy the needs of the market.

We produce products in a refrigerated, not frozen form with observance of all sanitary and veterinary norms", - says Daulet Akhmetkaliev, director of LLP Terra. Today, meat products of "Terra" are represented in the markets of Kostanay region, Astana and is exported to Russia. "We are studying the direction to foreign countries, but since the product is perishable (the shelf life of beef is 16 days), now it is very difficult. We study these moments. Express analysis, the formation of documents are conducted.

We work directly with NCE - we have many questions in the business process itself, documenting, support, consultations, we are present at thematic conferences, meetings. NCE delves into our problems, it helps, there is direct support to the manufacturer", -Nsays the head of the farm. Every year in the first ten days of October, the METRO network celebrates its Business Day in 25 countries of the world, together with local entrepreneurs who with great passion in their hearts are engaged in business and every day make every effort to make their customers happier.

On a weekly basis from September to October, the company organizes master classes for representatives of the restaurant and hotel business, as well as educational seminars for entrepreneurs in the trade sector in the cities of Astana, Almaty, Shymkent, Karaganda, Aktobe, Aktau and Atyrau. Partners of the shopping center in all cities have prepared profitable actions and guaranteed gifts for buyers. In addition, in honor of the Day of its business, METRO launched a special website for producers, where it is possible to place offers and actions from establishments all over the world for free.

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