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Almaty-Hainan communication is established

17 August 2017 - City of Almaty
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Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty and Hainan City Mayor signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

A delegation from Hainan Province, located in the south of China, arrived in Almaty. As part of the business mission, about 40 people - representatives of the city hall, entrepreneurs in the sphere of trade, investment, tourism, traditional medicine, agriculture, finance, industry and services.

As the Chairman of the Committee on Cooperation and International Trade of Hainan Province, Li Jiche stated, the Chinese people are very interested in strengthening bilateral partnership.

"On 12th of December we will hold an international agricultural exhibition dedicated to the cultivation of apples. There will also be presented tropical fruits, with which our land is rich. It will be a large-scale exhibition. The total area of the pavilions is about 86 thousand square meters. Over 400 thousand visitors have already been registered. We invite to participate countries located along the route "One belt - one way", including Kazakhstan. We will be glad to see your country in the ranks of participants! "- Mr. Li Jiche said.

In addition, he invited trade and tourism operators of Kazakhstan to participate in the thematic exhibition. "On 12th of January 2018 we will hold an exhibition "International Trade and Tourism". Our Committee is responsible for its filling. We are waiting for you", - he added.

"We are grateful for the invitation and, in turn, invite you to partnership with Kazakhstani producers", - Kayrat Kudaibergen, deputy director of the Almaty Chamber of Entrepreneurs said. - Almaty is known far beyond Kazakhstan. In our city, both large industrial enterprises, as well as trade and logistics, financial organizations function successfully. Almaty is an inter-regional trade and tourist hub, in which the sphere of services is highly developed".

Following the meeting, the parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation.

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