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Afghan businessmen are ready to shower Kazakhstan with fruits

04 August 2017 - City of Almaty
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Kazakhstani and Afghan entrepreneurs discussed opportunities for cooperation

 A Kazakh-Afghan business forum was held in Almaty. Guests are interested in getting to know potential partners and searching for buyers of their products. Afghan businessmen first of all offered their pride to Kazakhstani colleagues, more than 70 names of dried fruit and nuts. After strolling along the Almaty markets, the guests compared prices and quality.

"We noticed that you basically have dried fruits from Iran and Tajikistan. But we believe that our products are better in quality. And we are ready to make concessions so that our goods go to the Kazakhstani market", - said the representative of the Afghan company, engaged in the production of dried fruits Djuat Umit.

The complexity for Afghan entrepreneurs is the lack of logistics between our countries. The products have to be transported through Uzbekistan or Tajikistan. And this affects the value of goods.

It is worth noting that Afghanistan buys many types of Kazakhstani goods. As a rule, these are consumer goods. In addition to dried fruits, Afghan producers want to export cotton, carpets, marble and the types of goods to which Kazakhstan has canceled duties. Among the 12 items – there are red raisins, apples and pomegranate.

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